Who Me?

Fun facts about me:IMG_5626

  1. I also paint kitchen cabinets & bathroom vanities – 2 Cabinet Girls
  2. Born and raised north of Boston, MA
  3. Relocated to NC with my new (at the time) husband in 2003
  4. Had my first and only child, Finn, in 2007
  5. I’m 5’10.5″.  And yes, I know what you’re thinking….I’m tall
  6. I’m a strawberry blond from a family of brunettes
  7. I”m a Diet Coke addict
  8. I’m an organization freak
  9. I can’t go to bed until everything’s picked up
  10. People in a bad mood piss me off.  Because I mean really….what’s the point?
  11. I’m a Type 1 Diabetic, since January 26, 1980
  12. I don’t like bright colors.  On me. Or in my house.  Anywhere else is fine.
  13. I iron my sheets.  I hate wrinkly sheets.
  14. I started refinishing furniture about 20 years ago, when I needed some furniture for my first condo
  15. I’m a quilter
  16. I redecorate my house daily. My husband never knows what will be different when he comes home every day.
  17. I’m not a dog person. I can barely stand picking up after my husband and son, why would I pick up after a dog too?
  18. Vanilla is the only scent I like.  Candles….chapstick…..
  19. I build a lot of my furniture.  With the help of my husband. So far we’ve made 4 platform beds, a padded headboard, a media stand, a kitchen table, a bookshelf, an upholstered storage ottoman, a wine cabinet, a laundry storage area, and 2 nightstands.  The list is ever-growing….
  20. I hate to cook
  21. My footwear of choice is a pair of flip-flops. I’m in them 10 months of the year
  22. I can’t wrap my head around buying new furniture or cars, over used versions
  23. I can’t live without my iPad.  Or iPhone.
  24. Countries I’ve been to other than the US……Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, Jamaica, and Iceland.
  25. When I walk into a person’s house, I start taking mental notes about what I’d change.