6 Duncan Phyfe style chairs

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As you may or may not know, I’ve done several other Duncan Phyfe style dining tables. They’ve become a personal favorite of mine. They can fit into so many different types of decor….traditional, shabby chic, cottage chic, etc. That’s what I love about them – they’re versatile!

I started with this one, then moved on to this one, and most recently this one. So I was happy to finally get my hands on an entire set. It includes the mahogany table, a 12″ leaf, and 6 Lyre backed cushioned chairs. SCORE!

But here’s the thing, I love the table so much that I’m keeping it for myself. So that just leaves these 6 gorgeous harp back chairs. I can totally picture them in a cottage chic house, can’t you?

The chairs got painted in a pale gray, with a light distressing and the seats got covered in a gorgeous ivory, textured fabric with a gray and black print.

DIMENSIONS: 34″ tall, 20″ deep, 17″ wide
PAINT: Rustoleum Ultra Cover 2X Satin Spray
SEALER: Rustoleum Ultra Cover 2X Clear Spray
PRICE: $400

After the Renovation Pics:

DuncanPhyfeChairs 6 Duncan Phyfe chairs 08 6 Duncan Phyfe chairs 09 6 Duncan Phyfe chairs 13 6 Duncan Phyfe chairs 14 6 Duncan Phyfe chairs 16 6 Duncan Phyfe chairs 17

Customer Pics:


During the Renovation Pics:

6 Duncan Phyfe chairs 05 6 Duncan Phyfe chairs 06

Before the Renovation Pics:

6 Duncan Phyfe Chairs 02 6 Duncan Phyfe Chairs 03 6 Duncan Phyfe Chairs 01 6 Duncan Phyfe style chairs 04

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