Duncan Phyfe Dining Table

This item has been soldDuncan Phyfe table, in its new home

DIMENSIONS: 62″ wide, without leaf, 42″ deep, 29.5″ tall
PAINT: Valspar – Totten’s Inlet, 7006-9.  Semi-gloss

After the Restoration Pics:

Distressed Duncan Phyfe table Distressed Duncan Phyfe table Distressed Duncan Phyfe table Distressed Duncan Phyfe table Distressed Duncan Phyfe table

Before the Restoration:

I have wanted to paint a Duncan Phyfe dining table ever since I saw this pic in HGTV Magazine.
Duncan Phyfe table
So when I got an email asking me to paint a Duncan Phyfe table, and this EXACT PIC was included as an inspiration pic, I couldn’t resist. This gorgeous table looks as though it’s had a long and busy life. Scratches everywhere. And when I say everywhere, I mean everywhere. It looked (and smelled!) as though a dog might’ve been living underneath it, and gnawing on the feet. But never fear….a little TSP cleaner, some wood filler, and I might even try a little product I saw at Lowe’s last week. You mix it into your paint and it’s supposed to remove smells that have saturated the wood. I’ll report back and let you know how it works.
Duncan Phyfe dining table20130723-122707.jpgDuncan Phyfe dining table

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Kristen is a transplanted Bostonian who loves North Carolina and can't even imagine living anywhere else. She has been restoring furniture her whole life and has recently found the time to expand beyond just doing it for her own home.


  1. How much was this?

    • Kristen Buckley says

      Chris, painting & distressing for this table was $225. The table belonged to the customer so the charge was just for the labor. Let me know if you have something you’d like a quote for.

  2. I have one table for sale


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