Mahogany Foyer Bench

This item has been soldMahogany Foyer Bench

DIMENSIONS: 42″ long, 21″ deep, 16′ tall (to top of cushion), 39″ tall (to top of back)
PAINT:Olympic Icon Interior, Self Priming, Semi-Gloss – Bright White
FABRIC: Robert Allen – Graphic Fret

If only I had a foyer. Ugh, I’ve gone and done it again. I love the finished bench so much that I wish I could keep it. It’s exactly as I pictured in my head when I first brought it home. But once again, I have no place to put it. So lucky for me, I’ll be able to visit it if I feel the overwhelming need to because my neighbor bought it! My poor neighbors get to see all my projects because most of my work is done in my driveway, or garage. That totally worked in my favor this time because my fantastic neighbor, with incredible taste I might add :0), saw it and fell in love.

You wouldn’t believe the headache this one was though. First I had to pry about 8 million little upholstery tacks out. Then all the springs had to be cut out and the metal attachments had to be pried off, one by one. Once all the parts were removed every single hole had to be filled, and sanded. And then filled again. And sanded some more. Next up was the priming. After 2 coats of primer it looked something like this:

Mahogany bleeding through primer Mahogany bleeding through primer

Gross huh? I was starting to think that my poor little bench had gotten a good case of psoriasis. But after a quick google search I figured out the problem. And the solution too, thank goodness. Apparently mahogany is notorious for bleeding through paint, and primer, and pretty much everything. But the solution was simple. A coat of shellac seals in all the stain, and then I was ready for a (3rd) coat of primer, and then paint. Problem solved.

Next up was the seat cushion. Since I had removed all the old, uncomfortable, springs, it needed a new wood base, some foam, batting, and fabric. Now it’s good to go for another 50 years! Here she is, in her new home:

mahogany bench - Barbie's house Mahogany bench - Barbie's house

After the Restoration Pics:

Mahogany upholstered bench Mahogany Foyer Bench Mahogany upholstered bench Mahogany foyer bench Mahogany foyer bench Mahogany foyer bench Mahogany foyer bench

The fabric is picked out!
grey fabric for Cherry foyer bench

I love that I have all my friends looking out for great furniture pieces for me, because I got a call from one of them today saying she found this awesome entry way bench. Amazing!!! Love it!! I can totally picture it with white paint and new, modern fabric on the bench. The only problem so far is…..holy moly, it’s the most uncomfortable thing I’ve ever sat on. Once I take it apart I’ll be able to figure out what’s causing the problem, but right now it’s almost impossible to sit on. Unless you don’t mind being uncomfortable that is….

And pink velvet? Really? Blech!

Before the Restoration Pics:

Mahogany foyer benchCherry foyer benchCherry foyer bench

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