Ikea Moppe hack

After pic - Ikea Moppe hack

I bought 2 sets of these Ikea 5-drawer Moppe drawers, around 10+ years ago. And during the past 10 years they’ve been used for a number of different things…..makeup storage in the bathroom…..craft storage…..art supplies, you name it. But the last 5-ish years they’ve been sitting in the garage, unused. I had just had a baby boy and I guess I was thinking that I could use them for Legos or toys of some sort when he got a bit older. So I hesitated getting rid of them. Now their time has come.
Ikea Moppe-5 drawers
I found another Ikea hack that’ll turn these into great jewelry storage in my closet.

Here are 2 of my favorite ideas. One is from aka Design, the other from one of my new crushes…The Painted Hive.

Ikea moppe hack

Ikea hack - moppe

Now I just need to figure out which I like best. Although, it might come down to cost and availability of the hardware.  It might end up being a combination of the two.  Pictures coming soon…..so stay tuned!


Almost done! When I went to pick out the handles at Lowe’s I ended up with some small nickel sash hooks.  I was thinking that I could mount these upside down and then add the Martha Stewart bookplates over the top of that.  But when I got everything home I realized that 1) I couldn’t turn my drawers around because they have finger openings on both end, and 2) I couldn’t fit both the bookplate and the pulls.  Boo.  Back to the store to return the sash hooks.  On to Option 2.  Leave the finger openings and add the bookplates below them.

I started with a base coat of a paint that I already had on hand. It was a Valspar paint that I had picked up off of the Mistake pile at my local Lowe’s. Valspar Ultra Paint & Primer – Silver Leaf – 4006-1A, in Gloss. After that dried I gave it a quick sanding to file off any little bits that had popped up during the paint process. Once it was nice and smooth they got a second coat of Silver Leaf. Here’s how they looked after their base coat.
Ikea Moppe drawers with basecoat
Next I pulled out one of my stencils. I picked one that was long enough to wrap up and over the top. This saved me the step of having to wait till the first part had dried, move the stencil and continue on. Pure laziness. But I actually like the stencil I chose so it was a win-win.  I added a little black to the gray that I used for the basecoat, just so I’d have a bit of a tone on tone look.
Here’s how it looked with one done, on the right, and the 2nd one about to get stenciled.
Stenciling the Ikea Moppe drawers

About to start stenciling the Ikea Moppe drawers

Stenciling done on the Ikea Moppe drawers
Here’s where I ran out to Lowe’s to grab some more sponge brushes. While I was walking through the paint department I walked by the Valspar Metallic glaze and patina. That got me thinking…..
And here’s how they look with the Valspar Metallic Glaze.
Valspar silver metallic glaze on the Moppe drawers

Valspar silver metallic glaze on the Moppe drawers

closeup of the Valspar silver metallic glaze on the Moppe drawers
Now I’m thinking, how about some Valspar Antiquing Glaze on top of that?  Or do I quit while I’m ahead?  Nah….!!!

Close up with the antiquing glaze:
Ikea Moppe with Valspar antiquing glaze closeup of Ikea Moppe with Valspar antiquing glaze


After all that hard work, I can’t bear to put the bookplates over the gorgeous stenciling. Oh well….back to the store for you Martha!

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  1. This is gorgeous! Do you recall… where did you get your stencil?

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