Leather top desk

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I’m loving this vintage desk. It started out a bit on the dark side, pea green with a red leather inset which just HAD to go. But after a coat of bright white paint, the beautiful curves finally POP!

After a little bit of debate (with myself), I decided to use some scrap plywood to create a new top. That way I could stain it to match the nightstands I had just finished for the owner, and I could turn the original leather top, into a fantastic chalkboard for her mudroom. I wish I had a leftover piece of butcherblock on hand, because it would’ve been the PERFECT top for this, but this top turned out fantastic as well. And a good match to the other furniture!

I removed as much of the original green (and white and yellow) paint as possible and then filled all the holes where the pulls were. The pulls were pretty, but one was broken and we didn’t think we’d be able to track down another one, and achieve the same patina on it either. So we went with the same oil rubbed bronze & glass pulls that we put on the nightstands.

It took 3 coats of primer to get a get base coat on this desk. Not sure what the deal was with that because I don’t even use 3 coats when priming mahogany, which is notorious for bleeding through. But after 3 coats I was able to add 2 coats of the white paint, and then top it off with some semi-gloss poly (per the owner’s instructions).

PAINT: Sherwin Williams Pro Classic Interior Acrylic Latex Enamel
PAINT COLOR: Pure White, SW 7005
SEALER: Minwax Fast Drying Polyurethane, in Semi Gloss
PRICE: Custom Order

After the Renovation Pics:

7-drawer desk 12 7-drawer desk 11 7-drawer desk 10 7-drawer desk 06 7-drawer desk 07 7-drawer desk 08 7-drawer desk 09

During the Renovation Pics:

7-drawer desk 05

Goodbye green!

7-drawer desk 02

3 coats of primer

7-drawer desk 04

Filling the holes

7-drawer desk 03 7-drawer desk 01

Sayonara ugly leather!

Sayonara ugly leather!

Making a new top

Making a new top

Wall chalkboard - just need to finish the trim

Wall chalkboard – just need to finish the trim

Before the Renovation Pics:

Leather top desk 01 Leather top desk 02 Leather top desk 03 Leather top desk 10 Leather top desk 06

Leather top desk 07

Side view

Leather top desk 11

Nice trim on the back

Leather top desk 08

Nice dovetailed drawers

I don't even want to know!

I don’t even want to know!

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