Storage ottoman

Storage ottoman 15
Oh my. The fabric that was on this poor ottoman…..I’m not even sure I can put it into words. And the fringe? Ugh. But luckily I could see past all that. It just so happens that I had just bought some gorgeous blue ikat fabric to recover my own vintage platform rocker. But now, sadly, that project is going on the back burner because the fabric will be perfect for this roomy ottoman.

Storage ottoman 10

When I see an ottoman I like to think outside the box. Not only does this make a great substitute for a coffee table, but it’s also extra seating when guests arrive. It’s also perfect for at the end of your bed, for storing your throw blankets, and providing a nice cushy spot to put your shoes on. Use it in the Family Room, the Bedroom, the Bonus room….so many possibilities.

DIMENSIONS: 16″ tall, 24″ wide, 43″ long
PRICE: $175

After the Renovation Pics:

Storage ottoman 15 Storage ottoman 20 Storage ottoman 19 Storage ottoman 18 Storage ottoman 17 Storage ottoman 16Storage ottoman 14 Storage ottoman 13

During the Renovation Pics:

Halfway there!

Halfway there!

Storage ottoman 11DSCF0549

Both top layers of fabric off!

Both top layers of fabric off!

So many staples!

So many staples!

Storage ottoman 08

Before the Renovation Pics:

Storage ottoman 02 Storage ottoman 03 Storage ottoman 04 Storage ottoman 05

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