Pottery Barn Chloe side table

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I came across someone selling this cute little Chloe side table from Pottery Barn, and I had been looking for something small to put next to my awesome Morris type Platform Rocker. I just needed something small, to set my phone on, or a drink, when I was reading. This table totally fit the bill. The problem with it was the finish. I love all sorts of wood tones, but this orange-y brown stain just didn’t do anything for me. And what totally sealed the deal was the heat stains on top. I knew it had to be painted. The color was a big probem though……white? eh. Black? Too dark for my small room. Gray? Possibly. But I started thinking I wanted something that might pop a bit more. Then I remembered Quaint Village Green. I had used it on a Broyhill sofa table months ago and fell in love with it. And lucky for me I had plenty left in the can to finish this table. Now, I just need to recover my super comfy (although kinda ugly) antique platform rocker. No more neutral beige!

Another great thing about this hardworking little table, is that it’s so versatile. When I rearrange my formal living room (and you know I will sooner or later), then it’ll work in a million other places. A nightstand, an end table, or even a table for mail and keys, next to the front door.

DIMENSIONS: 19.25″ diameter, 24″ tall
PAINT: ColorPlace Interior, Semi Gloss
PAINT COLOR: Quaint Village Green
SEALER: Minwax Wipe On Poly, in Satin
PRICE: Custom Order

After the Renovation Pics:

Pottery Barn Chloe table 05 Pottery Barn Chloe table 01 Pottery Barn Chloe table 07

Before the Renovation Pics:

Pottery Barn Chloe table 02 Pottery Barn Chloe table 03 Pottery Barn Chloe table 04

Pics From Pottery Barn’s Website:

Chloe03 Chloe02 Chloe01

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