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Was life better 50 years ago?

waikiki surf boards vintage

I can’t say that life was better 50 years ago, but it was different. Can you imagine these women stuffing those surfboards into their trashcans? It wasn’t long ago that products were made to last. They were made to be used, repaired and used some more. This was a time before Wal-Mart, Target and Dollar Stores.

I am a lover of taking something with great bones, and creating something amazing. Once I start a new project I can’t wait to see the finished product. If only my house was big enough to hold everything I create…..I really love them all that much! But alas, it’s not. So let me add the elbow grease, and instead of adding more ‘throw-away’ furniture to your house, from Ikea and Target, pick something that you’ll have (and LOVE!) for years to come. Every piece I bring back to life has a history….and now you have an opportunity to become part of that history!

I search high and low for my pieces. And as soon as I see a piece I know what it can become. Something gorgeous!