Vintage Curio Cabinet

This amazing piece is a family heirloom. But one, unfortunately, that looked so dated my customer had no place in her home that that she wanted to display it. The solution? A pale gray blue paint, with distressed edges, and covered with a dry brushed glaze to make it look aged.
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Vintage Serving Tray

I found this little gem at a yard sale. I’d been looking for a tray to use on an ottoman in my home, but I was having trouble finding one that I liked that had nice low sides. This one was perfect. Except, of course, for the condition that it was in. It had a dated finish and a few fairly bad cracks on the edges. All fixable of course! After cleaning it up and fixing the cracks I gave it a pale, gray blue paint job, then distressed the edges. Then I finished it off with some water-based sealer. Just because.
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Large nightstand / Small dresser

This item has been sold IMG_7310
When I saw this dresser I knew it would make the perfect nightstand. The trend right now is to use small dressers as nightstands, and to mix them with other small tables. To go for the mismatched look. This small dresser would be a perfect fit in a bedroom that’s going for this look!

I chose a really soft, pale grayish blue, and gave it some very light distressing. It was finished off with 2 coats of wax which gives it a soft sheen. Not only is the piece great for a master bedroom, but it would also work as a dresser in a child or baby’s room. Or maybe you want to live on the edge and use it as a sideboard in your dining room. So many possibilities!
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Storage ottoman

Storage ottoman 15
Oh my. The fabric that was on this poor ottoman…..I’m not even sure I can put it into words. And the fringe? Ugh. But luckily I could see past all that. It just so happens that I had just bought some gorgeous blue ikat fabric to recover my own vintage platform rocker. But now, sadly, that project is going on the back burner because the fabric will be perfect for this roomy ottoman.
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Broyhill 4-drawer coffee table

This item has been soldBroyhill coffee table 09
Oh, this poor little coffee table. It’s definitely been through the mill…..a chewed off corner, nailpolish, scratches, you name it. But nothing some epoxy, wood filler and a little sanding can’t cure.
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Jenny Lind dresser

This item has been sold20130723-150417.jpg
I can’t even begin to tell you how long it took me to prep this piece and get it ready for paint. The former owner had slapped some kind of something or other all over it, in an attempt to refinish it, but then gave up and left it. By the time I got my hands on it, it had been sitting in a storage unit for years and years. Can you say yuck?!

But I love love love how this adorable little dresser turned out. It reminds me of a robin’s egg. It’s not too big, not too small, and could be used in so many different ways. Great for a boys or girls bedroom, a baby nursery, or even a TV stand. And how fabulous would this look by the front door, to stash all that stuff that needs to be stashed….hats, gloves, umbrellas. I was even thinking it might look great in my dining room as a buffet. What a great place to store my placemats, candles, etc!

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Maple butcher block table

This item has been soldMaple butcher block tableYou’ve probably seen a million of these tables in your lifetime right? Or owned at least one.  I know I have.  I just wish, before I got rid of mine, I had taken the time to make it look like this! How great would this look in a beach house?! It goes with so many decors.  Beachey, shabby chic, cottage.  This would even look great with some upholstered benches on either side. Or what about a craft room table….a desk….so many possibilities.

When I found this it had that orangey golden tone all over, that polyurethane gets with age.  So it was all stripped down to bare wood.  The top got a driftwood colored stain.  And the base got one of my favorites, ColorPlace, by Sherwin Williams-Quaint Village Green.  I’m not really sure why they call it green because it’s much more of a blue shade.  It totally reminds me of beach glass…watery blue with a tiny hint of green.
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Oak coffee table – Painted base

This item has been soldOak coffee table - painted legs
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Broyhill Sideboard

This item has been sold<sideboard

I found this beautiful, solid wood, Broyhill sideboard at the end of a driveway marked down at the end of a yard sale. I was shocked no one else had seen it’s beautiful classic lines and sturdy construction. I scooped it up and threw it in the back of the van.

A week later, it was sanded down, repaired, rejuvenated and given a fresh coat of paint.  I also replaced the dated wooden knobs with some beautiful, large glass knobs.  I think they really take it from okay, to fabulous!

This one was so pretty that it didn’t last long.  I listed it on Craigslist and by the next morning it was gone.  So sad to see it go……sniffle….
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