Rubbed brass is the new oil rubbed bronze!


This season brass is everywhere.  And it still scares the heck out of people. Seriously…..people are still ripping it out of their houses like it’s mold.  I really can’t say that I blame them either, because that shiny golden color, along with the shapes and styles of the 80s just screams OUTDATED.  But the new, warmer looking, rubbed and aged versions of this blast from the past is showing up in high end homes, magazines, and decor stores around the country.  It brings a much warmer feel to rooms, than the old standard – nickel.  Pair it with any color of the rainbow, try it with wood, or glass.  You can’t go wrong with this metal.

These new tones, along with more modern shapes and styles mean this old friend might be back to stay for a while.  Now, I’m not quite ready to rip out all my oil rubbed bronze hardware and replace it yet, but it’ll definitely be popping up in some of my furniture re-dos.  For sure!
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Leather top desk

This item has been sold 7-drawer desk 12
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World Market pine coffee table

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Once I started sanding this table down all my plans went right out the window. I was originally thinking that I’d paint the base white, and give the top a dark, rich brown stain. But once I started sanding I started thinking about how great this would look with a really weathered base…..sort of like how old pallets look when they’ve been left out in the elements for years.
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Broyhill 4-drawer coffee table

This item has been soldBroyhill coffee table 09
Oh, this poor little coffee table. It’s definitely been through the mill…..a chewed off corner, nailpolish, scratches, you name it. But nothing some epoxy, wood filler and a little sanding can’t cure.
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Campaign furniture

Campaign dresser

Campaign dresser

I first saw a campaign dresser when I was looking for a hack for my Ikea nightstands. Campaign furniture was initially made for travel, by military personnel, to be used on military campaigns. Hence the name. I just loved the slightly industrial, vintage vibe it has. It looks great with the natural, stained wood, or painted. Right now, I’ve got my sights set on something that I can turn into a great, stained, campaign piece! So stay tuned.