Small maple table

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Beautiful, simple, modern…..that’s what I see when I look at this rectangular maple table. I can picture it in a breakfast area, a craft room, a playroom (for homework!!), or even as a desk. My customer requested a pale gray paint (just a tiny hint of it), and a dark top. The results were incredible. I painted her chairs to match and then reupholstered the seat cushions with a classic stripe, gray & white fabric.  It’s the perfect size for her small breakfast area!

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Rock Maple Captain’s Chairs

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This was a major score. A set of 2 captain’s chairs in super heavy rock maple. Overall they’re in great shape. A few scratches and nicks….the downside was really the fabric. The foam beneath the fabric felt hard and crumbly to the touch. And when I finally removed the 2 layers of hideous fabric I discovered that the foam had completely disintegrated and turned to sand. Blech!
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Oak Spindle Bookshelf

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Beautiful, 4 shelf, solid wood, oak bookshelf with spindle supports. This is a fantastic, sturdy piece with gently tapered shelves (think, surfboard shape!), that would make a super chic media center. Or you could always just do the bookshelf thing, if that floats your boat.  Just think of all the kids toys and knick knacks you could store on here….maybe with some pretty fabric bins! Or what about a storage unit for your shabby chic kitchen?! The possibilities are endless.
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Coffee table with parquet top

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Yeah Goodwill! Every once in a while I take a stroll through one of our local Goodwill stores. More often than not I end up leaving empty-handed though. I’ve found that their prices have increased significantly over the past couple of years. And I mean c’mon….who wants to pay $149 for a beat up dresser that has to be refinished? Definitely not me. I’d much rather pay $149 for a dresser that someone else already sweated over…..hint hint hint. ;O)

That’s why I was so excited to find this little beauty. Yes, it was a bit beat up. Lots of dings and scratches. But the bones were nice. I stripped the entire piece, restained the top and the lower shelf with a custom mixed walnut/gray combination, and painted the skirt and legs with Benjamin Moore’s Horizon.  I then slightly distressed the edges and sealed the top for durability.

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