I’ve finally gone and done it!

You've Gone Too FarI’ve finally gone and done it. I’m turning my passion into a business. After spending 25+ years in the business world, and refinishing my personal items on the weekends, I’m finally branching out and doing it on a regular basis. I started out slow. A piece here and a piece there. Mostly for friends and family. But now I’m doing it for you too. I just can’t stop myself. All these great vintage pieces of furniture out there are calling my name. “Take me home and make me beautiful……c’mon Kristen you know you want to.” Why yes, yes I do.

Here’s a couple of examples, of things I’ve refinished for myself, that I actually still own.  Some other pieces that I’ve done, including an entertainment center, and a dresser that I literally found on the side of the road (and stenciled lizards on for my stepsons), didn’t make it to NC when we moved here 10 years ago.  On the left is a maple dresser that belonged to my mom as a child.  It had at least 5 layers of paint on it and some horrible wood knobs.  After stripping and polyurethaning it, it’s now a treasured family heirloom.  On the right is a pine corner china cabinet that was passed to me from my sister after she had no more use for it.  It started out with a shabby chic, distressed look, then it was painted the same color as my wall (prior to the blue), so that it would have a built-in vibe.  But after we our walls went blue I gave it another update with a glossy white, and black hinges.

Maple dresser Corner china cabinet