Crate wall storage

Such a simple idea, yet so darn cute. This is a project anyone could do on their own. I see these crates at yardsales all the time. I can’t wait to snag a few and make these for myself! They’re perfect for the bathroom, to fit towels, TP, toiletries, etc. Or how about in the nursery, for a chic way to contain all the diapers and lotions? The mudroom would be another great spot. Give each child his/her own crate to throw their lunchbox or paraphernalia in each day after school.

Storage ottoman

Storage ottoman 15
Oh my. The fabric that was on this poor ottoman…..I’m not even sure I can put it into words. And the fringe? Ugh. But luckily I could see past all that. It just so happens that I had just bought some gorgeous blue ikat fabric to recover my own vintage platform rocker. But now, sadly, that project is going on the back burner because the fabric will be perfect for this roomy ottoman.
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Ikea Moppe hack

After pic - Ikea Moppe hack
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