Stenciled Wall Mirror

My customer had a gorgeous wall mirror with a metallic finish that had sustained some damage during a recent move. Since it wasn’t repairable we decided to go for something entirely different.
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Crate wall storage

Such a simple idea, yet so darn cute. This is a project anyone could do on their own. I see these crates at yardsales all the time. I can’t wait to snag a few and make these for myself! They’re perfect for the bathroom, to fit towels, TP, toiletries, etc. Or how about in the nursery, for a chic way to contain all the diapers and lotions? The mudroom would be another great spot. Give each child his/her own crate to throw their lunchbox or paraphernalia in each day after school.

Leather top desk

This item has been sold 7-drawer desk 12
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