Who Me?

Fun facts about me:IMG_5626

  1. I also paint kitchen cabinets & bathroom vanities – 2 Cabinet Girls
  2. Born and raised north of Boston, MA
  3. Relocated to NC in 2003
  4. Had my first and only child, Finn, in 2007
  5. I’m a strawberry blond from a family of brunettes
  6. I”m a Diet Coke addict
  7. I’m an organization freak
  8. I can’t go to bed until everything’s picked up
  9. I’m a Type 1 Diabetic, since January 26, 1980
  10. I iron my sheets.  I hate wrinkly sheets.
  11. I started refinishing furniture about 20 years ago, when I needed some furniture for my first condo
  12. I’m a quilter
  13. I redecorate my house daily. My family never knows what will be different when they come home every day.
  14. I’m not a dog person. I can barely stand picking up after my husband and son, why would I pick up after a dog too?
  15. Vanilla is the only scent I like.  Candles… chapstick…
  16. I build a lot of my furniture.  With the help of my husband. So far we’ve made 4 platform beds, a padded headboard, a media stand, a kitchen table, a bookshelf, an upholstered storage ottoman, a wine cabinet, a laundry storage area, and 2 nightstands.  The list is ever-growing….
  17. I hate to cook
  18. My footwear of choice is a pair of flip-flops. I’m in them 10 months of the year
  19. I can’t wrap my head around buying new furniture or cars, over used versions
  20. I can’t live without my iPad.  Or iPhone.
  21. Countries I’ve been to other than the US include France, England, Canada, Mexico, The Bahamas, Jamaica, and Iceland.
  22. When I walk into a person’s house, I start taking mental notes about what I’d change.